Rumor: Rory McIlroy to sign sponsorship deal with Nike?

Tiger Woods has been friending up Rory McIlroy lately.  Rumors are swirling that Tiger has ulterior motives to this friendship.

As Tiger must see Rory as his heir apparent, he is also trying to making Rory the heir to the Nike throne.  Rory currently has multiple sponsorships (Titleist and Oakley to name a few) but, personally I’d love to see him switch to Nike.  Due to his current sponsorships, their would be many moving parts to a switch from Rory but, it would be a huge move for Nike to sign Rory.

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My take on what to do with post Draft Analysis.

What to do with Post Draft Analysis

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Jordan 12 Retro Obsidian (OG)

Dropping this Saturday, June 23 in an OG Obsidian colorway are the Jordan 12s.  This release follows the huge Jordan 12 ‘Playoffs’ release and the new colorway Jordan 12 ‘Cool Grey’.  This will be the first time this colorway is released since 2004.  This will be a big release so check out your local Jordan retailer and follow your local Nike Store on Twitter for any RSVP info.

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Anniversary of the Larry Johnson 4pt Play

Today is the anniversary of one of my favorite New York sporting events.  Everyone needs to watch.

Larry Johnson 4pt Play



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Fantasy Roundup from the eye of The Monokal

A quick word about Chauncey Billups.  If you haven’t heard, he’s done for the year with a ruptured achilles which might put his career in jeopardy as well.  Sad news for a classy guy (and the clippers).  Chauncey says he will be back and isn’t going out like this.  I hope for his sake he gets back and gets to go out on his own terms.  Unfortunate when an injury dictates the end of your career.

On to last night….

Monta Ellis – last night was huge.  Tied the high game of the year with 48 points and I’m unfortunately facing him this week.

David Lee – messed around and got a trip dub.  That’s pretty much all you need to know.

Kevin Durant – Another FULL stat line 33 pts, 7 asst, 10 rebs, 2 3′s, a steal and a block.  Beastmode.

Russell Westbrook – Chipped in with “just” 31 pts 7 assts and these numbers shouldn’t be a surprise anymore.

Roy Hibbert – 17pts, 10 rebs and 4 blocks and continues to improve.  If you own him, you have to be happy with where you would’ve drafter him and get this type of production.

Darren Collison – showed up with a season high 25 pts.  But with most of them coming in the first half you might have hoped for a bigger line.  Still, owners will take it.

Reggie Williams – put up 21 pts and they way Silas is talking about him, you have to pick him up.  He’s got the green light whenever he wants it.

Derrick Brown – he was 10-10 from the floor but this feels like a fluke.  Ignore it.

Alonzo Gee – 17 pts but it seem that the cavs are pushing him.  Keep an eye on him.  He might be addable right now according to the size of your league.

Jared Dudley – 19 pts and seems to have it going now.  If he’s somehow available still add him. Glad I did.

Steve Nash – 18 pts 11 assts and a game winner.  Nice 38th birthday.  38!!!!

Marcin Gortat – 21 and 9.  continues to exceed expectations.  Roll him out with no worries and you’ll be rewarded.

Stephen Jackson – Got 30 mins out of nowhere.  He didn’t get a shot off in the last seconds of the game and could be going straight back to the doghouse.  We’ll wait and see.

Drew Gooden – Turned it around with 25 pts.  Even with his recent slump he is a must own.  Will continue to start and get major minutes throughout the year.

Nikola Pekovic – 29 and 10 with 3 stls and 2 blocks.  Congrats if you added him.  He’s all but certain to maintain the starting position over a worthless Darko.

Rubio – yes, one word.  Has he earned it yet?  No.  I don’t care.  14 assts and 5 steals.  He can win you the steals category almost on his own.



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Fantasy Roundup from the eye of The Monokal


Carmelo Anothony – strained his groin last night.  He’s been hampered by a wrist and an ankle already.  Don’t be surprised if he takes a few games off to get completely healthy.  Which he didn’t do last time and it cost him and his owners.

Nene – has a heel injury, I think he should be back soon but, any type of foot/nagging injury to big men is a pain in the….

Raymond Felton – sprained foot.  worried this may cause him to miss a couple of games.  Already wasn’t playing well and out of shape.

Jarret Jack – The ever mysterious knee.  Thought he should have been back last night but, with vasquez playing well, guess the ever crappy hornets will keep him out until his is 100%.

Danillo Gallinari – Chip fracture in his ankle.  This one isn’t good.  More tests today and my guess is that we are looking at weeks.  Weeks that could exceed a month.

Derrick Rose – Didn’t return in the second half with back spasms.  I’d normally forget this one since they were playing the nets.  But, he was seen stretching his back in the second half of his previous game.  Let’s hope it’s not a nagging injury.

Chauncey Billups – Achilles.  Looks BAD.  Season ending Bad.  More testing to be done and if you can’t put weight on it, good sign it’s going to be serious.  Pickup Randy Foye or Mo Williams immediately if word comes down that it’s serious.

Manu Ginobili – The only bit of injury good news.  He’s expected to return within a week and I have a feeling he will return by the end of the week.  Pick him up NOW if by some miracle he is still available.  I’m hoping for a quick return to one of my injury stricken teams.

Last Nights Action

Jeremy Lin – Huge night in a Knicks win.  Keep in mind no Amare, Melo left early with an injury and Chandler battled foul trouble all night.  While I would love to see this kid keep it up (GO KNICKS), I have concerns.  He’s never played this many minutes and the turnovers are high.  He looked EXHAUSTED last night.  With Lin pushing this hard, andthe condensed season, I worry D’Antoni is pushing him to hard to early and we’ll see some kind of strain under the phsyical pressures of the NBA.  You have to own him and I hope for the best (Again, GO KNICKS), this is a ton of minutes for the guy. #LINSANITY

Kevin Love – Tossed him in here to remind you he’s suspended the next two games.

Jerryd Bayless and Kleiza – Both had huge nights with 30 points.  I’d say pick them up (especially Bayless) but, we can’t count on the rotation in Toronto.  Looks like Bayless is the guy they love to play and will get minutes going forward.

Lamarcus Aldridge – He was HUGE last night with 39 pts. Having a great season, even better than expected.  Keep putting him out there and enjoy the numbers.  If not on your team, try to get him if you can.  Good luck on that.

Grevis Vasquez – 20 pts and 9 assists.  Keep him out there as long as Jack and Gordon are out.  Even when Jack returns he should be nice.  Don’t expect this when Jack AND Gordon are back though.

Quicker Rundown if you don’t like my ramblings

Bynum had 20 and 20

Jameer Nelson had 15 and 12 assts

Dwight Howard had 33 and 14 with his usual bad free throw shooting

CP3 had 29, 7 and 8

Nash had 24 and 11 assts

Frye had 19 and 9

Demarcus Cousins was huge with 28 and 19

Duncan with 19 and 17

Al Harrington had 12 and 15 (I include him because picked him up off the wire early and loving the production)

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Kenyon Martin cleared by FIBA to return to NBA

Kenyon Martin has been cleared to return to the NBA.  In an odd move FIBA has granted clearance for Kenyon Martin to leave his team in China early, clearing the way for his return.  He is currently meeting with the Atlanta Hawks but has also garnered interest from the Clippers, Heat, Spurs, Knicks and Lakers.

As Adrian Wojnarowski reports, a decision is expected this weekend with Martin joining a team as soon as Monday.

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NBA Rumor Insanity

So much information and fluidity to the NBA rumor mill, it’s crazy.  Here’s a brief rundown and thoughts of a couple players out there.

Chris Paul: CP3 has reportedly voiced his desire to be traded to the Knicks (Obviously my preferred option). Clippers, Warriors and Rockets have interest in trading for Paul.The Clippers and Warriors are the Hornets’ preferred trade partners, but both teams have concerns because they want to be sure that Paul is committed to stay.

Dwight Howard: He hasn’t said anything but, the rumors are flying.  Hearing Nets and the Lakers.  The Lakers rumor is interesting because it involves CP3 and also because Howard wants to improve his marketability.  If the Laker move happens, another dynasty?

Deron Williams: Dwill has turned down an extension.  Smart move.  He has another year to see the direction of the nets and can get a bigger contract.  He’s waiting to see if the nets bring in Howard or he’s gone.  That is all.

Nene: The one name wonder has become the top free agent available.  Don’t expect anything concrete until the Dwight Howard situation is resolved.  Teams won’t want to spoil their opportunity with Howard.

Jamal Crawford:  He’s been contacted by Atlanta, New Jersey, Indiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Orlando and Chicago.  No word on who’s the leading right now.  Keeping his options open I guess???

Tyson Chandler: The biggest news surrounding Chandler is that Dallas will not make an offer so they can make a move on Dwill next year.

Marc Gasol: He’ll go ANYWHERE as long as he get’s paid


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Michael Jordan SELL YOUR TEAM

Let me start with posing you a question….

When you start a business do you expect to be guaranteed a profit?

Of course you want to be guaranteed a profit but, it doesn’t work that way.  Michael Jordan overpaid for a terrible NBA franchise.  A franchise that has whispers spreading about contraction.  A franchise that doesn’t win and doesn’t have money put into it.  Who is fault for this?  The owner.  Michael Jordan.

If you want your company (Charlotte Bobcats) to grow in value you need to make sound business decisions.  You do not go to other companies begging to financially bail you out.

Yet, this is where we are.  The NBA is in a lockout and we have an owner taking a hard line to increase revenue sharing even though he runs his team (business) poorly.  For Jordan to hold up a deal so his fragmented business structure is an abomination.

Michael Jordan to Abe Pollin in 1998: “If you can’t make a profit, you should sell your team.” MJ to players in 2011: “Bail us out!”

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His Name is Sergio…Sergio Garcia

He’s back.

After basically taking 2010 off to get his mind right, Sergio Garcia has been building toward a spectacular close to the 2011 season. Let’s take a step back for a moment…..

When the 2010 season rolled around, the opening discussion always begins and ends with majors.  As is routine, Sergios name pops up when talking about who has the game to win a major yet, has not won one. But, the 2010 season did not go well for Sergio.  He did have a top 10 at the US Open but outside the top 30 and missed the cut in the remaining majors of the 2010 season.  Sergio seemed disconnected from the game and did not qualify for an event that is as important to Europeans as a Major, The Ryder Cup.

When Sergio missed the Ryder Cup, Colin Montgomerie did something that might have turned around Sergios career.  At a minimum, it seems to have re-ignited Sergios passion for the game of golf.  Montgomerie recognized the passion he brings to the event and had Sergio join the team in a supportive capacity.

Fast forward to the 2011 season and you could see that the love of the game has returned to Garcia.  He has 8 top 15′s this season along with 3 top 10′s at big tournaments (Bay Hill, US Open and Open Championship).  Garcia was even in contention before a 75 derailed him in the third round.

Even if we discount the first of the two wins, a win at Valderrama can not be discounted.  Sergio is good for the game and having him winning again will do nothing but enhance the popularity of the tour.  Here’s hoping these two wins carry him over to a strong year on the PGA tour in 2012.

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